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In your own words, tell your legislators you support the Electric Utility Rate Impact Disclosure Act because:

  1. The act will provide transparency that will help keep customer electric rates low.
  2. It will empower the public to advocate against investments that are of marginal value.
  3. The bill merely asks the electric utility to share with us, the ratepayers, information the electric utility already has.
  4. It will help prevent utilities from being misused in hard economic times as investment havens which can drive rate-payer costs up during a time when it is most harmful to the rate-payer.
  5. When a utility plans to “rate base” an investment, the estimated impact of that investment on the ratepayers is a fair and reasonable disclosure.

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how you can help:

Contact your legislators and tell them to support the Electric Utility Rate Impact Disclosure Act and have YOUR say about what electric utility investments YOU pay for.